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    Welcome to the Lachesky Amplifiers website!

    Although no orders are currently being accepted and there is no scheduled date for operations to resume, support is still available, and you are still encouraged to check out the rest of the website to see what the CA10 is all about. No new builds are planned for the near future (however it is possible that some special orders may get filled) and new product development has also been put on hold. The best way to get the most up to date news would be through the official Facebook page, which can be found on the left. Operations are expected to resume sometime in the future (in other words, You haven't seen the last of us!) - when this happens it will be well-announced. It's possible that in the mean time, small progress may be made on new products (such as the briefly discussed pedal) as well as improvements (CA10 v2 anyone?) but nothing major is to be expected until a later date. Any small news will likely be announced on the Facebook page as well as on this website.

    Thank you for your patience, and as always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch via the information on the 'Contact Us' page.

    28 December 2014: If you can see this, we're on the new server! Thank you for your patience during the transition.

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