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    Lachesky Amplifiers has been proudly building custom, hand-built tube amplifiers for both guitar/bass and hi-fi purposes since 2010. In mid 2011, a new amp was concieved - the CA10. After spending several months designing and prototyping, the final circuit was decided on and built. Launched in June 2012, the Lachesky CA10 is our first foray into production amplifiers. More information about the CA10 can be found here.

    All amplifiers built are constructed individually by hand with high-quality parts. Everything is built to order, and throughly tested to ensure that only the highest quality amps make it out to customers. If you ever have a problem with one of our amplifiers, feel free to contact us for support - information on getting in contact with Lachesky Amplifiers can be found here.

    Information on how to order a CA10 can be found on the Orders page. Amplifiers are built during the summer, primarily between the months of May and August. Check the orders page for for information on placing an order to ensure you will receive an amplifier this summer!

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