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    The CA10 is a 10W, Class-A operating all-tube guitar amp. In production from 2011 through 2013, the CA10 was available by order during the summer months and will be one of the available products upon the upcoming re-launch of Lachesky Amplifiers.

    The CA10 is a powerful little amp, with a preamp running two 12AX7's and the poweramp pushing a single EL34. It is designed as a 'Non-Master Volume' amp, but also features an internal attenuator that can bring the volume down when needed. The volume produced when this amp is maxed out through a 4x12 speaker cabinet is very impressive - this is not just a practice amp! The CA10 is capable of a broad range of tone, from clean to classic metal tones. Examples of these and more can be found on the Demos page.

    Like all of our amplifiers, the CA10 is hand built to order using high quality parts and building techniques. The circuit is housed in a heavy aluminum chassis on a high-quality turret board and is entirely hand-wired. All major fabrication is done in-house, ensuring consistent, precise construction of the amplifiers.

    10W Class A Output
    Single Channel
    Internal Power Attenuator
    Treble/Middle/Bass Tone Controls
    Gain Control
    Preamp: 2x 12AX7
    Poweramp: 1x EL34
    Output 16- and 8-ohm safe
    Mains Line and HT Rail Fused
    All Quality Hand-Built
    Turretboard Construction
    All Resistors Minimum 1W
    Burned-in and Throughly Tested Before Delivery

    Pictures from the original CA10 prototype construction can be seen here.

    Pictures from the build of the first production CA10 are now available here.

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